WHAT? Budding choral composers wrote music for female, male or mixed choirs. The jury chose the best pieces, a feedback seminar was held, and now it is time for the gala concert! Altogether, 100 pieces were submitted and the 21 that were chosen will be performed by three very good choirs: the Academic Female Choir of the University of Tartu, Tartu Academic Male Choir, and Tartu University Chamber Choir. (See videos of the choirs HERE.)

FOR WHOM? A budding choral composer is someone who has not graduated from a higher education institution with a degree in music composition (before 2015). Among the 51 people who participated in the programme there were instrumentalists, music composition students, music teachers, active conductors, singers, pupils, and others. The youngest person was 17 and the oldest 73 years old - a piece by each of them will also be performed at the gala concert. All the pieces were chosen without knowing the author's name.



For a female choir:

  • Hando Põldmäe/Hando Põldmäe - Millest kõnelevad
  • Imre Rohuväli/Juhan Viiding - Laul sügavast düünist
  • Jaanus Karlson/Juhan Liiv - Ainule
  • Maarja-Liisa Pilvik/folk - Kiigelaul
  • Maarja-Liisa Pilvik/Viivi Luik - Palve
  • Sander Sokk/Anu Reigo - Veel kolm päeva augustikuud
  • Siim Aimla/Jürgen Rooste - Kojukutsumise laul (Talendid koju!)
  • Viktoria Grahv/J. Lepik - Loojangutaeva all sa vaatad

For a mixed choir:

  • Hando Põldmäe/Hando Põldmäe - Sind palun
  • Imre Rohuväli/Kersti Merilaas - August
  • Jaanus Nurmoja/Neeme Plutus - Viis tundelendu Neeme Plutuse sõnadele
  • Karin Kuulpak/folk - Unelaul
  • Liisa Rahusoo/folk - Loomine
  • Patrik Sebastian Unt/Kristiina Ehin - Viimased lumeta päevad
  • Roland Viilukas/Kersti Merilaas - Unelaul
  • Sander Sokk/Indrek Hirv - Vikerkaar
  • Sirje Kaasik/Leelo Tungal - Sind ma tahan armastada

For a male choir:

  • Anne-Mai Salumäe/Arved Paul - Üle lumise välja
  • Imre Rohuväli/Kersti Merilaas - Usalda oma silmi

Female + male choir:

  • Jaanus Nurmoja/Neeme Plutus - Mere äärde meeled viivad
  • Jörgen Kursk/folk - Kiigele


  • The piece had to be written for a female, male, or mixed choir.
  • The piece for a male choir had to be mostly for 4 voice parts, the piece for a female/mixed choir for up to 8 voice parts.
  • The length of the piece could not exceed 15 minutes, including cycles.
  • Up to 6 pieces could be submitted to the programme.
  • The piece(s) must not have been printed nor sung publicly before the gala concert of this programme in 2017.


  • All the pieces were to be judged without knowing the composer’s name.
  • All the pieces chosen by the jury will be sung at a gala concert.
  • All the pieces chosen by the jury will be published by the Estonian Music Information Centre at the request of the composer.
  • All the pieces were to get feedback from the jury and a feedback seminar was held.
  • All the pieces will be published on the programme’s homepage with the composers' permissions.
  • All the pieces chosen by the jury will be rewarded monetarily.

Ms Triin Koch, conductor
Mr Alo Ritsing, conductor and composer
Mr Kuno Kerge, conductor
Mr Pärt Uusberg, composer and conductor
Mr Riho Esko Maimets, composer
Ms Karoliina Kalda, singer of the Academic Female Choir of the University of Tartu
Mr Jürgen Rünk, singer of Tartu Academic Male Choir
Mr Robert Pirk, singer of Tartu University Chamber Choir

26.05.2016 - announcement of the programme
19.09.2016 - deadline for the last piece
18.11.2016 - feedback seminar for the participants
27.05.2017 - gala concert at the newly opened Estonian National Museum at 7 pm - 9 pm

For further details contact:
+372 56 569 655